Wonderful you are planning a wedding, or a civil partnership

I imagine you are looking to create an occasion that reflects you as a couple and your unique story, you want your ceremony to be remembered for all the right reasons. Perhaps you are looking for a way to include some of your favourite people.  You may want a traditional style ceremony or an alternative one, anything goes.  I can help you plan the perfect ceremony that reflects your relationship together.


Your ceremony could be held in your back garden, in a woodland, on a beach or anywhere your imagination takes you! Perhaps you want your ceremony to take place somewhere meaningful to you, and include special touches that are fun and memorable. You definitely don’t want a one-size-fits-all ceremony that everyone wishes was over quickly.

You can be given away, write your own vows, exchange rings, involve your family and friends, even have a toast during the ceremony – whatever you choose, wherever you choose, whenever you choose, it is your “special day”. You can introduce religious and spiritual elements if that is what you want, we can include hymns, readings, prayers and blessings – and if you are from different faiths, we can acknowledge the importance of both of your cultures, bringing together traditions and rituals important to each of you.