A naming ceremony, unlike a baptism or christening, is unlikely to be held in a church, whether it takes place outside in a park, or is a small intimate event in the back garden, or is held in a venue hired for the occasion, the choice is yours.

A naming ceremony can involve chosen guardians, “guide-parents”, “odd-parents” or whatever and whoever you decide to incorporate, grandparents, other siblings or even pets, the ceremony is bespoke to you and your wishes. You can also have a ceremony to celebrate a “blended family” (if a couple marries and they have children from separate partners).

A naming ceremony is a lovely way to give thanks and create treasured memories.

The ceremony also offers the option of including or omitting religious content, some people like to include a hymn or a prayer, others prefer not to, it is your day to celebrate as you want to. 

Any of the ceremonies arranged can incorporate music, readings, protection and guidance promises, and can include the use of a symbolic ritual such as planting a tree or the lighting of candles. They can be bright, warm, joyous occasions that offer a sense of unity for the children and the adults.